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👋 Hi! My name is Oliwia Zaremba and I’m a Software Engineer based in Berlin.
✨ I solve problems and bring ideas to life with technology.
💼 I’m available for hire as a freelancer for short-time projects.

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about me

👩‍💻 an experienced generalist

I’ve been building software systems profesionally since 2014. Throughout this time I gained diverse experience by working on impactful projects in various environments: start-ups and corporations, in cross-functional teams and solo, on projects big and small alike. I’ve been fortunate to have met many talented people who mentored me and broadened my perspective.

My areas of expertise include:

  • back-end systems
  • cloud infrastructure
  • data storage and processing
  • internet of things
  • quality assurance
  • devops & automation

🎩 wearing many hats

Writing computer programs is only a small portion of what I do. Throughout the whole product development cycle I’m actively participating in various areas:

  • gathering and analysis of the requirements
  • user research
  • design of the architecture and technology choices
  • cost estimation
  • communication with stakeholders
  • writing code and tests
  • documentation
  • testing
  • deployment of the software
  • monitoring and alerting
  • support and maintenance

I have experience in delivering end-to-end software products from the ground up, as well as maintaining and fine-tuning existing ones. I make effort to constantly expand my perspective by working in different roles, environments and domains.

🔍 attention to detail

My background in Quality Assurance shapes how I look at software in many ways. I’m passionate about the quality and reliability of the solutions I deliver, and I focus on those aspects from the very beginning.

I always approach software with a great deal of curiosity: about its potential as well as its limitations. Being curious about the system I work on and the technologies I use helps me to understand them better, both the big picture and the little details. This is the main driver to my goal: to deliver simple solutions that do their job well and require minimal maintenance.

🤝 ways of working

I’m goal-oriented and tend to organize my work to prioritize tangible results. I deliver results that are measurable and produce insights to drive further strategic decisions.

I enjoy working using agile methods that allow frequent feedback cycles and transparency of the results through time. I understand that project goals and requirements can change, and I’m open to adjust to those changes at any point of our collaboration.

reach out

Would you like to work with me? I’d love to get to know your story and learn more about your ideas.

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